What is Dielectric Grease?

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What is Dielectric Grease?
Dielectric grease is a special type of grease which is most commonly used for lubricating purposes. Dielectric grease is neutral in nature. It resists corrosion to a certain extent. It acts by restricting the entry of water and other agents into the electrical connector. It resembles the petroleum jelly Vaseline in general appearance. It acts as a block between the surfaces. Dielectric grease also prevents condensation. The use of dielectric grease should be avoided in heavy bearings. The advantage of using this grease is that it provides lubrication without conducting electricity.

Dielectric grease is grey in color and insoluble in water. It is not advisable to use them on connectors because it has the ability to melt silicone rubber as time proceeds. In some rare cases dielectric grease is used in metal connectors. But utmost care should be taken in such cases because at times it may cause damage to the entire connection. This usually occurs because the grease may not have been pushed entirely between the two connecting points Silica and silicone oil is the main components of dielectric grease.

Dielectrics act as an excellent seal on electrical connectors. Spark plugs also make use of dielectric grease. Dielectric grease should be applied only after proper cleaning of the surface. The rubber boot also makes use of it. Dielectric grease is thermally stable. It also finds applications in gaskets of multipin connectors of marine engines and cars. It is also used in cables of speedometer. Dielectric grease can also be a solution for electrical problems in bikes. Chemical industry also makes use of dielectric grease. A tube of dielectric grease weighing approximately 9 grams can cost about $5.The advantage of dielectric grease is that due to its non conductivity electricity will not flow from the connection. Dielectric grease should be applied properly on the surface and the excess should be wiped off.

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