What is Diceous?

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What is Diceous?
Diceous is a commonly misspelled word for the term dioecious, a term in botany. Dioecious describes a plant that has only one reproductive organ, either a male flower or a female flower. This means that dioecious plants need a partner plant with the opposite gamete producing flower in order to bear fruit.

Dioecious is derived from the Greek di, meaning twice; and oikos, meaning house. The term then literally means two houses, which means that these types of plants need two vessels (plants) of the opposite genders in order to reproduce, or produce fruits. The exact opposite of dioecious is monoicous, a botanic term which refers to plants that have both male and female reproductive flowers in one single plant.

Examples of dioecious plants include hollies, willow, papayas, hemp and asparagus. In commercial production, plants of the opposite genders would have to be planted in close proximity to each other in order to ensure proper fertilization. The product of fertilization is a fruit which will bear the seed/s, which will in turn produce another plant in the right conditions.

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