What is DHTML?

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What is DHTML?
Almost every internet user may be familiar with HTML or Hypertext Markup Language. Most people who frequently use the internet know the HTML is a language used to build a web page. However, many people are confused when DHTML was introduced. DHTML stands for Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language and it is a collection of scripting languages for the purpose of enhancing the interactivity of web pages.

As mentioned earlier, DHTML is a collection of group of scripting languages. Therefore DHTML is not actually a stand-alone language itself. Rather, it is composed of HTML, CSS or Cascading Style Sheet, Document Object Module (DOM) and JavaScript. These languages are the key elements that serve as framework of DHTML.
So what if DHTML works on those different languages? Combination of the mentioned languages is the key to build an interactive web page. From a static web page, using DHTML changes the web page into a dynamic one. Today, web pages are not just the old plain text and images. The web pages today are dynamic and interactive.

Static website means that a website never changes or stays the same no matter what the web designer do. Today, you will notice that the web pages have been more complicated. Web pages react to a certain action done by an internet user. Users may notice that something is happening as they move their mouse over a text or an image on the web page. This is due to DHTML. Websites are now interactive and not anymore as boring as the old static ones.

It is not certain to declare when DHTML was first applied to the creation of web pages. However, DHTML began its popularity when the version 4 of internet browsers was introduced. Before, web designers have problems in using newer technology when it comes to creating web pages. The reason behind this is that internet users are slow when it comes to browser upgrade. This is also the reason why most web designers avoid using the DHTML.

However, when the W3C, or the World Wide Web Consortium announced a set of standards for the use DHTML, many web designers begin to experiment on DHTML. The use of DHTML made a breakthrough in the web design industry. Since there is a set of standards to follow, web designers are now able to create standardized web page scripts that could be applicable across the web.

Internet users or anyone should not be confused DHTML for a programming language. As mentioned earlier, DHTML is a group of different scripting language. HTML is the earlier language used by web pages, JavaScript is the language that can add interactivity to a web page, DOM allows a user to manipulate the contents of a webpage, and CSS creates a style sheet that characterize how a web page will appear or look.

The good use of DHTML is that web page owners are able to create variables that can be altered or manipulated by a user. As a result, HTML code of the webpage is affected and therefore certain changes will be revealed to the user. Due to the development of DHTML, websites are now more interesting and fun to surf.

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