What is DHS?

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What is DHS?
DHS stands for Department of Homeland Security, an executive department of the US Government in-charge of providing security for its citizens. This specific department was created in 2002 through the Homeland Security Act which defined the department’s missions namely: prevention of terror attacks inside the US, reduction of the country’s vulnerability to terror activities, and minimization of damage of terrorist attacks with assistance to recovery efforts. The department was created by the Bush administration after the September 11, 2001 terror incident involving New York’s World Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon wherein hundreds of people died.

There are many sub-departments, agencies, and divisions under the Department of Homeland Security. The biggest division is the Border and Transportation Security Division. Under this division are the bureaus on immigration and border protection. The transportation division provides security in the transportations systems across the United States, while the immigration division ensures safety in trade and travel in and out of the United States.

Another important division of DHS is the Emergency Preparedness and Response Division, which is involved in measures to be taken by the government in times of disaster. Parts of this division are the National Stockpile and Disaster Medical Systems, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

DHS also has a Science and Technology Division which takes care of research activities on measures to protect the US homeland. It is also involved in managing the government’s resources, intelligence and information on possible threats of terror activities.

There are various other divisions under DHS, with a common goal of providing protection for the American people from various acts of terrorism. Agencies and divisions that already existed before the creation of DHS were strengthened and realigned to gain more protection and security for the people. Some of these agencies that are now part of DHS are the Secret Service, the Coast Guard, and the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration.

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