What is DHP vaccine for dogs?

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What is DHP vaccine for dogs?

DHP vaccine for dogs refers to a vaccine that is aimed at preventing ‘DHP’ or ‘distemper, hepatitis, and parvovirus or parainfluenza’ in dogs.  Distemper is a very dangerous sickness and condition in dogs that could lead to severe problems in the dog’s respiratory, nervous, and digestive systems.  Dogs with untreated distemper are also very likely to die.  Hepatitis, meanwhile, is caused by the adenovirus and attacks internal organs, particularly the liver.  As for the ‘P’ in ‘DHP,’ it could either be ‘parvovirus’ or ‘parainfluenza.’  Parvovirus gives the dog protection against a potent virus that affects the bone marrow and digestive tract.  This particular virus is considered very potent and could be fatal for delicate puppies.  Parainfluenza, meanwhile, involves affecting the dog’s respiratory system, and with the DHP vaccine, the dog’s lungs will receive protection and partial immunity.

DHP is an annual vaccine, and so it simply means that dogs need to be injected with this type of vaccine on a yearly basis.  For most veterinarians, vaccinating dogs is very essential during their early years.  While they are still puppies, these pets should be brought to the veterinary clinic to get their health check and need vaccination. As for the DHP vaccine, its effectiveness will eventually wane over time, and so it is advised that a re-injection or booster injections may be necessary on an annual basis.  Some DHP vaccines, though, have improved their formulas and efficiency and so may be re-administered to dogs every two or three years instead of once yearly.  Puppies also have different needs and may need several booster doses after every few months.  For the proper dosage and frequency of vaccination with DHP, dog owners should always consult first with licensed veterinarians.  It is also important to note that dogs also need other types of vaccines and anti-rabies shots other than the DHP type of vaccine.

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