What is Dhikr in Islam?

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In the world of Islam, ‘Dhikr’ refers to a type of prayer to God.  Also called as “Zikr,” Dhikr literally translates to a form of invocation or remembrance.  Dhikr is often done any time of day as a form of silent or personal prayers.  Remembering God is done by way of reciting the various names of God along with other religious texts and verses taken from Hadith and the holy book Qur’an.

Practicing Dhikr is a basic trait that many Muslims have.  This devotional practice is taught by families, in schools, and in mosques, and the prayers are based on various religious books in the Islamic world.  For the simple person, to practice Dhikr may mean a simple recitation of a short prayer at any time of the day.  One may opt to recite the Dhikr type of prayer in the morning to gain positivity throughout the day.  The Dhikr prayer may be very simple and basic, but it also plays a significant role in the life of an Islamic follower. The fact that God is remembered in this particular prayer makes it a very important ritual for many Muslims.

Some Muslims, meanwhile, recite the Dhikr prayer at specific moments or times in their lives. People who are celebrating a special milestone in their life, for example, may recite a Dhikr type of prayer in order to acknowledge God and thank Him for His blessings.  It is also common for people to remember God through a Dhikr prayer in times of trouble and need.  In this particular case, phrases such as “if it is God’s will” or “May the Lord guide me” may often be used during the prayer.

Overall, Dhikr is a simple way of acknowledging God’s presence at any moment in people’s lives.  For Islamic followers, to have a Dhikr ritual is important as it also becomes a gentle reminder to them that God is the center of their lives and that they offer all their experiences to God through a simple recitation of God’s name in prayer.

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