What is DGB?

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What is DGB?
DGB or DGB files refer to files saved on the drawings database of FlashCad. FlashCad is a software for creating 2D and 3D drawings. Files with .DGB extensions can be opened on the Windows operating system using the Vista 3DGB software. Aside from this Windows Vista software, DGB files can also be opened by Digitarch Bravo 3D.

FlashCAD is a software for making graphics and design and is known for its easy to use 2D and 3D interface. Many also like the fact that this particular software runs intuitively, making design projects fast and easy. In fact, some people find it very easy that manuals are not needed.

DGB files belong to the 3D graphics and or CAD-CAM-CAE file types and they are stored in a proprietary format which is used by FlashCAD itself and other softwares from Digitarch. If one doesn’t have FlashCAD installed on his/her computer, the software’s installer can be downloaded online. DGB files may also be opened using other 3D graphics programs such as AutoCAD for CAD-CAM files and 3D Studio Max for 3D graphic files. Blender is another type of software that can handle DGB files. This software is an open source 3D content creation program that runs on various operating system platforms including Microsoft’s Windows, Macintosh’s Apple OSX, Linux, Solaris, and Irix.

There are existing standards in opening 3D file types like DGB files, and many of these files can be opened by very specific programs. Older 3D files don’t have much support today in terms of format conversion and so were discontinued. Today, there are a lot of 3D file converters available online, including those that can handle DGB files from Digitarch’s FlashCAD. Besides AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max, and Blender, various other programs can be found online. These include Alphacam, Pov-Ray, and PRO/Engineer among others. Users just have to make sure to scan the DGB file for possible viruses before opening it.

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