What is dfsvc?

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Dfsvc or dfsvc.exe is an executable file that is part of Microsoft’s .NET Framework.  This framework basically contains various files and libraries that work together to allow smooth operations between different computer languages.  Through the .NET Framework developed for the Windows operating system, a particular language will be able to use codes that are created in another computer language that is part of the software network.  Dfsvc.exe is just one of many files that run in the background of computer’s that are installed with the Windows operating system.

Dfsvc.exe is stored under the Windows folder which is usually located in Drive C.  Despite its location though, the dfsvc file is not considered a system file.  This simply means that it is not one of many system or very important core files in the Windows operating system.  Its status does not mean though that it does not perform any important function for Microsoft’s .NET framework. This is the main reason why experts would not suggest removing the file from one’s computer as this may cause system problems.

Many people encounter the dfsvc file when they experience some errors in their computers while running one or several applications.  With the errors that pop out, some would point out to the dfsvce.exe file in the error message. With its association to various error messages, some people also think that dfsvc.exe is some kind of a virus or malware.  Experts classify this file though as non-essential but safe enough to run in the background.  There are just times that some viruses will actually make themselves appear as dfsvc.exe which is why some errors will point to this file in the error message pop-out.  Some viruses also infect this file easily because it is an executable file and it performs more functions other than what it is supposed to do.  When users are concerned about the dfsvc.exe, the best thing to do is have it checked with computer experts rather than deleting it immediately.

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