What is Dfrgsnapnt.exe?

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What is Dfrgsnapnt.exe?
Dfrgsnapnt.exe is computer virus that was first studied back in September of 2010. Once a person encounters this particular malware, he/she should immediately remove it from the computer. This particular file is also associated with a variety of malware programs including bogus computer security programs, malware dropper, and malicious computer applications. Dfrgsnapnt.exe was said to be first detected in countries like the US, the UK, Belgium, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. This file also hides itself behind other filenames like setup (1).exe, pragma-ad.exe, lpqvykcyrd.exe, tmp24610.exe, topwesitjh, and ns13.tmp among a variety of other files.

Based on observation by computer experts, dfrgsnapnt.exe is able to do a variety of functions that wreak havoc on one’s computer. This executable file is even encrypted by means of some software. And what annoys most users is that this virus file is able to add a registry key for “RUN” which automatically starts several programs and applications during start up of the computer. When this happens, computer start-up or boot-up will take so much longer than usual with some instances leading to a computer-crash. Another common behavior of this file is that it also deletes various processes on the computer hardware. This file can also execute files that are supposedly stored on the computers Temp or temporary folders. It is also able to interact with other computers connected to a particular network using HTTP. It can also modify existing processes on the computer by injecting bogus codes resulting to denials of service or file corruption.

Dfrgsnapnt.exe appears in several versions and in several file sizes. Some have file sizes of 90 MB while other files are almost 500 MB. When this file is detected, users are advised to have this file removed immediately. There are various anti-virus and anti-malware programs available in the market that is capable of full removal of this very dangerous file.

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