What is deviant behavior?

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Deviant behavior refers to a type of behavior that supposedly deviates from what is considered normal by most people or by the general society. When a person acts and behaves differently from what is considered normal, he/she may have a deviant type of behavior. People that tend to be deviant are said to be controlled by various factors including biological, social, and psychological. With all the pressures involved from a mixture of these factors, some people may have a higher tendency to develop deviant behavior.

For biological pressure, experts on this subject may point actual lesions in the brain that may cause people to have certain behavior that does not adhere to accepted norms or standards. Those with mental illness for example have affectations in various parts of their brain that make them do certain things that are supposedly not normal. There are also cases wherein the biological factors will also mix with the psychological aspect of deviant behavior. When a person for example is suffering from psychological disorder s, he/she may also display deviant behavior. This also holds true for social pressures. A person’s class in society for example may also force him/her to do something that is not normally accepted.

One classic example of deviant behavior is theft. At one point, a person in poverty may actually be forced to steal for food because he/she doesn’t have enough money. The only way to satisfy one’s hunger may be through stealing money or things from others. The same case could be a result of a brain affectation that makes people feel good or rewarded after doing a bad thing like stealing. In this case, a specific part of the brain may have some abnormalities which may be linked to this kind of deviant behavior. The same deviant behavior may also be psychological in nature wherein one may have an obsessive compulsion to be different from everybody else.

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