What is Deutschland?

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What is Deutschland?
Deutschland is the “German” term for the country – Germany. Most of the world refers to this country as “Germany”, but aside from “Deutschland”, some French people refer to Germany as “Allemagne” and some people living in Poland call it “Niemcy”. But when in Germany, the official name of the country is “Bundesrepublik Deutschland” which literally translates to “Federal Republic of Germany”.

Germany is part of the European Union and is considered to be the most populous and has the largest economy. Its capital city is Berlin and the whole nation has more than 80 million citizens. With the most people and the largest economy in the EU, Germany is one of the major political players in Europe.

Germany has a very rich social and political history with the main highlight on the division of the country after the Second World War. After the surrender of Germany in the said war, the country was divided into West Germany and East Germany. The western side was officially named as the Federal Republic of Germany and this was supported by the allied governments of the US, UK, and France. The eastern side was supported by the Soviet Union and this was named German Democratic Republic. Because of this division, the city of Berlin is also divided into the west and east side. The east side of Berlin became the capital for East Germany, while Bonn was chosen as the capital city of West Germany. By 1989, the famous Berlin wall was eventually brought down and marked the re-unification of the two sides.

Germany today is one of the most highly-industrialized nations not only in the EU but in the whole world. The country also boasts of several big companies and brands in the automobile and technology sectors. Famous brand and/or trade names that originated in Germany include Volkswagen, Daimler, and BMW in the automobile sector, Deutshce Telekom and Siemens in the telecommunications industry.

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