What is Detroit 1-8-7?

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What is Detroit 1-8-7?
Detroit 1-8-7 is a television series shown on the ABC Network in the US. This show is created by Jason Richman and mainly dwells on the crime and drama stories involved with the city of Detroit as the centerpiece. The number “187” in the title was chosen by show’s creator and producers to signify the California Penal Code’s reference to the number as the code for homicide and/or murder.

The original plan for this TV crime-drama show was to take the real-life documentary path. The people behind the show initially thought of filming real police officers as they patrol the streets of Detroit. Eventually, the producers decided to make it a series with TV actors but still have a documentary vibe. The documentary feel of the show is evident from its first episode especially in terms of cinematography. The show also wanted to position itself as a new breed of crime TV series and not just present crime investigation and stories in traditional ways. For fans of the show, the documentary style puts a refreshing twist to the old formula of police TV dramas.

The show’s main character is Detective Louis Fitch, which is played by actor Michael Imperioli. Other stars of the show include James McDaniel, Natalie Martinez, and Jon Michael Hill among many others. Detroit 1-8-7’s pilot episode was shown in September 21, 2010. Initially approved by ABC to have 13 episodes, this show eventually went on for an additional 5 episodes for its first and only season. By March of 2011, ABC Network cancelled the show for poor ratings. Although many people involved in the show tried to negotiate with the network to continue airing the series, there were just not enough viewers to retain the series according to the ABC Network. As one ABC executive had said, the cancellation of the series was due to its poor ratings and not its quality.

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