What is Depression?

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What is Depression? ‘“ Symptoms and Treatment

If you have been feeling sad for a few days or weeks and you feel like losing interest in life or feel drained of energy, then you must be in depression. What is depression? Depression is a disorder that affects the body as a whole. It affects your moods and thoughts. It also affects your body, as you may get sick if you are unable to control your depression.

Depression varies from person to person depending on how severe the disorder is. People with this illness have mood swings and unable to put themselves together. Several symptoms will tell you if you are depressed. It is important to know these symptoms. If not properly treated, depression may get so severe that a person may end up committing suicide.

Common Symptoms of Depression

Symptoms of depression may also vary from person to person. Not all symptoms of depression involve sadness as just what most people think. Several people may also experience changes in intellect, way of thinking, judgment, sleep and energy level.

Altered Behavior ‘“ depression may result to sudden changes in behavior. A person may suddenly appear to lose interest in anything. In some cases, social withdrawal occurs, as the person feels uncomfortable about other people. Libido may also decrease and eating patterns may change dramatically. A person may also experience excessive crying even if there is no exact reason at all.

Altered Feelings ‘“ in most cases, the feeling of sadness is the commonest symptom of depression. The feeling of lack of motivation is also experienced. The things a person used to enjoy doing will be replaced by boredom. Moreover, difficulty in controlling the temper is also experienced.

Altered Way of Thinking ‘“ depression may affect a person’s way of thinking in a way that he/she may have difficulty concentrating to a particular task. Decision-making and judgment is also extremely affected. A person can also have problems with the short-term memory by forgetting things all the time. Thoughts in destroying one’s self are also experienced in severe depression cases.

Altered Physical Well-Being ‘“ depression also affects the physical well-being of a person. A person will feel tired and fatigued despite taking enough sleep and rest. In some cases, a person may not be able to sleep and feel restless. There are some who lose appetite and unable to eat thus resulting to sickness.

Treatment for Depression

There are different ways of treating depression. Treatment may depend on how severe the case of depression is.

Psychotherapy is a type of counseling for depressed people. A psychotherapist uses psychological techniques and counseling to treat mental and emotional disorders. The treatment involves relationship building, dialogue and communication to improve mental health of a patient.


Depending on how a doctor evaluates a person’s level of depression, not all patients may need medication. However, if a doctor diagnosed that, a person needs medication; antidepressants will be administered to patients. Antidepressants boost the brain’s natural chemical that is negatively affected during the time of depression attacks.

Physical Activities

Sometimes, regular exercise can help relieve the symptoms of stress. It helps develop good mood. However, this treatment can only be used on mildly depressed people.

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