What is deja vu?

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Deja vu refers to the feeling or sensation of being familiar with a present situation because of its connection to a past and similar experience.  Getting a sense of familiarity of a place or situation in the present and relating it to a similar experience in the past is the main concept of deja vu.  Many experts and psychologists cannot exactly pinpoint why many people experience this kind of phenomenon but it is said that dejavu can be experienced by all people regardless if they are fully healthy or have some brain-related problems.

When a person goes into a room for example and meets with a lot of people, this particular person may get the feeling that he/she already had the same experience in the past.  The feeling of being in the same place with the same people and circumstances constitutes deja vu.  Even if it is the actual first time that the person entered into a particular room, some sort of flashback or memory provides the feeling of familiarity to the experience.  As in the French meaning of the term “deja vu”, this particular experience is “already seen”.

Based on studies, younger people were reported to experience the most number of deja vu-like situations.  Seventy percent of the adolescent and young adult group of 15 to 25 year olds are recorded to have had deja vu experiences.  Experts cannot pinpoint why this phenomenon is more common with younger people but many point out that kids and older adults are also reported to experience deja vu at some point in their lives.  Some experts also point out that deja vu experiences are also common for people that suffer from epilepsy.  There are also several theories that surround the occurrence of deja vu in seemingly normal individuals.  Some people say that deja vu experiences may root out from people’s fantasies and dreams.  Others also believe that some kind of glitch in the brain and memory cells may cloud people from distinguishing what is happening in the present and what has happened in the past.

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