What is De Qi?

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What is De Qi?

De Qi refers to a feeling similar to an electrical impulse when a person is undergoing acupuncture for example. This particular sensation is supposedly felt at the point wherein the acupuncture expert is a able to reach the Qi in a person’s body.  Some people refer to De Qi as a feeling similar to muscle tightening while others describe as some heavy feeling on the acupuncture point involved.  In the field of reflexology, acupuncture, and other related alternative and therapeutic medicine, reaching De Qi is considered an essential part of the process.

The main purpose of acupuncture needles is to help stimulate the Qi points in the person’s body.  When these needles reach this part, some people will feel something other than the sharp end of the needle.  This particular feeling is what is referred to as De Qi and experts in this field point out that not all people will be able to have this sensation.  Reaching the so-called De Qi point is also not similar to all people.  Some people may feel it immediately upon needle insertion while others will feel the impulse or muscle tightening several moments later.  It is also said that the time in which De Qi is reached also indicates how responsive a person is to the alternative treatment. For people who reach De Qi fast are said to be the most responsive to treatments like acupuncture.  Slow arrival to the point of De Qi meanwhile may mean slower response to treatment.

In terms of De Qi’s importance in treatment, there are other people though who believe that the whole acupuncture treatment process may still be effective even if De Qi is not reached in some patients.  De Qi is said to involve only the sensation when the body Qi is reached but it doesn’t necessarily mean that when no sensation is felt then the treatment is deemed ineffective.  For these people, as long as the Qi is targeted and the needles are placed strategically and properly, people can still expect various benefits of the treatment including pain and stress relief among many others.

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