What is DCOM?

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What is DCOM?
One of the most important conveniences of computing is the use of computer networks. They provide users with the ability to share files and resources easily and conveniently on the network. This reduces the need for physical movement which wastes time and other company resources. There have been a number of significant technologies developed over the years in a bid to ensure resources can be shared in a more effective and efficient manner. One of the technologies that was developed by the Microsoft Corporation in 1995 is DCOM. The original version of this protocol was known as Network OLE or the Network Object Linking Library. After this it was redesigned and launched as COM before the final development of the DCOM version.

DCOM is an extended Component Object Model or COM which allows for the communication of the various COM components within a network. The COM components allow clients and servers within the same computer to communicate. DCOM takes this to a higher level by facilitating this kind of communication to be done at network level between client and server applications. It comes as part of the Windows operating system for Windows 95 and higher versions. CORBA also known as Common Object Request Broker Architecture is a technology developed by IBM for the same purpose as DCOM and runs on many of the operating systems currently available. DCOM on the other hand is only applicable with Windows operating systems.

Due to its use in the communication of applications between computers on a network, DCOM has encountered challenges as it has sometimes been used as a route through which viruses and malware have been introduced to computers and networks. There have however been serious efforts made in countering this kind of venerability and the Microsoft team reports that the problem has now been resolved. In the past, DCOM was promoted as the potential model code in the development of technologies to be used for communication on the internet. This was however not to happen due to the many challenges experienced in regards to working through firewalls on the internet as well as unsecure machines that were unknown.

There are a number of excellent tutorials that are available from Microsoft and other sources on the internet. These information products are very useful in learning how to use DCOM as well as how to create client server applications for DCOM. They will also provide guidance on how to develop different types of DCOM applications such as multiuser applications. Most of these tutorials give step by step directions on how to go about any of these procedures in order to achieve the best results. It is important to familiarize oneself very well on how to work with DCOM as it may compromise the performance of your system if not handled properly. Microsoft continues to work on improving the technology and is thought to be planning the release of a higher version of DCOM that will deliver greater capabilities and improved security.

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