What is DCDi?

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DCDi stands for Directional Correlation Deinterlacing and it refers to a digital means of enhancing the quality of images as developed by Faroudja Labs.  Faroudja Labs is based in San Francisco and is considered one of the world’s leaders in the video quality enhancement technology. The company first became known with its DCDi technology through enhancements made on videos that are stored for the VCR format. The company has since then evolved into becoming one of the market leaders in video quality improvement for both consumer electronic products and even broadcasting networks and companies.

DCDi is used to basically improve image quality in various video formats.  As its name suggests, the process of video or image quality enhancement is done through deinterlacing.  In this part of the process, videos that are stored at 30 frames per second for example are converted to lower frames per second in order to detect possible image quality problems.  The so-called deinterlacing of frames makes it possible to edit out the so-called bad frames and the overall result will be a highly improved image or video quality.  Also part of the DCDi technology is the edge detection process.  In fact, this is actually the original purpose of DCDi.  The main goal of the technology was to limit the number of jagged edges in images which are often caused by interpolation.  These jagged edges typically occur along diagonal lines and through DCDi, these are edited out to smoothen the video and/or image resolution.  It is also through DCDi technology that monitor or edge transitions are filled or smoothened in cases where there are gaps.  With all these processes done through DCDi, images and videos are digitally enhanced resulting to better quality.

Today, Faroudja Labs’ DCDi technology is what makes them a known brand in image and video enhancement technology.  Aside from its standard bad-edit detection, DCDi is also applied in other products such as those intended for cross-color suppression and film mode detection.

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