What is Daughters of the American Revolution?

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What is Daughters of the American Revolution?

‘Daughters of the American Revolution’ is a non-profit organization for women who are descendants of person or persons that supposedly became instrumental in achieving US independence. Women who had relatives who took part in some way to help the US gain its freedom are eligible to become members of this organization. The basic purpose of the organization is to help preserve American history, promote patriotism, and educate members regarding the relevant stories of the American Revolution.

Founded back in 1890, The Daughters of the American Revolution has chapters all across the 50 states of the US. There are also various chapters in other countries including Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom among many others. The organization has now more than 800,000 members all across the globe with varying nationalities. The organization accepts women members regardless of nationality and ethnicity as long as they have strong lineage with persons that have contributed in American history in terms of independence.

In terms of eligibility, women may only become members if they are descendants of people who actually got involved and/or participated during the American Revolution back in the late part of the 18th century. Qualified ancestors are supposedly civil servants at the time or those who served the military. Those who participated in the Boston Tea Party and those who signed in the US Declaration of Independence are also classified as people who actively participated in the cause for American freedom. Other qualified persons are refugees, prisoners of war, and various defenders. Any women from all parts of the world, who are descendants of these qualified people can become part of the organization and be called as a ‘daughter’ of the American Revolution. With its headquarters in Washington, DC, the organization spearheads various projects to promote patriotism and preserve the lessons learned during the American Revolution.

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