What is Darfur?

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What is Darfur?
Darfur has the Arabic meaning which is also known as the ‘realm of the Fur’ and an interesting geographical location in the western part of Sudan. It has been this vital region in the Arabic country which has been independently operating as a sultanate for centuries now. In 1916, this place has been integrated into the Sudanese jurisdiction through the efforts of the Anglo-Egyptian authorities.

This geographical and Arabic region was plagued by war and conflicts especially exerted by the government of Sudan opposing the indigenous people in the non-Arab regions. Thus the 2003 humanitarian emergency state was declared for the area.

Darfur is basically a barren plateau surrounded by the mountains of Marrah and the wide array of volcanic peaks especially in the central part of the region. You could find four key features for the geography and physical state of the area. Some have sandy soils on stumpy hills and plains while others have waterless parts which sometimes have water reservoirs. Nevertheless, it has been determined that there is a very huge lake underneath the region which was discovered through its impression.

The people of the region are called Darfuris which are dependent and compliant under the rule of the Egyptians. However, the rules and regulations which the people are quite inclined to are rules and bylaws regulated by Muhammad Ahmad. There are war and conflicts in the region however the area is also exerting peace processes and agreements.

For instance, the Darfur Peace Agreement is a signed covenant between the Sudan government and the rebel group. There are premises in the agreement which include sharing of power and wealth and the establishment of the referendum for the Darfuris. However, this agreement was discarded by the authority known as the Justice and Equality Movement. Thus, with this rejection, the conflict primarily continued to the present.

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