What is DAB Radio?

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What is DAB Radio?
DAB or Digital Audio Broadcasting is refers to a new technology for receiving digital radio signals. It said to produce better radio signal and sound quality than conventional FM radios. DAB radio is sometimes referred to as digital radio. The use of digital radios doesn’t require any fine-tuning when transferring between coverage areas. And since the audio files are in digital format, additional data may be transmitted along with it. These additional data may in the form of images of the singer or artist, or some text indicating the song title with some details about the music track.

A big part in the transmission of digital radio signals is the system for encoding and compressing data. For data to be reliable and viable, it had to be compressed lower than the usual data on compact disks, or about 128 kbits per second. This is necessary to maintain the quality of the digital signal. Another key element in digital or DAB radios are the modulation systems used. This involves a system of arranging several radio carriers without causing interference to one another. This allows several radio transmitters to operate with the same frequencies but without any ill effect on the individual carriers.

DAB radios are said to offer more choices on radio channels. Since signals from digital radio do not take up so much space on the airwaves, more radio stations can be accommodated. There is also less chance of interference when using digital radios, resulting to better sound quality. It is also easy to use digital radio because choosing between stations does not require a person to select the frequency. Instead, he/she will choose by station name or music genre.

DAB radio is increasing its presence worldwide. Various countries like the UK, Australia, and Canada have already established various digital radio stations to cater to a new generation of listeners.

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