What is DAAD?

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What is DAAD?
DAAD stands for “Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst” or the German Academic Exchange Service. It is a German organization that provides funding for students under the international academic exchange system. It is the largest such organization in Germany and gets it funding from various sources including the federal government, private institutions, and agencies of higher educational institutions like universities and colleges among others.

DAAD offers no educational programs on its own but rather only provides support and funding for scholars in various higher education institutions across Germany and the world. Founded in January 1, 1925, DAAD is considered the biggest educational grant institution in the world with an estimated 50,000 scholarship grants on an annual basis. Its main headquarters is located in the city of Bonn and has various offices in other regions to attend to the needs of would-be scholars under the international academic cooperation program.

Members of the DAAD are the higher education institutions in Germany and their corresponding student bodies. And besides providing for grants and funding to the thousands of scholars and grantees, DAAD also aims to promote German language and studies in the international scene. It also assists educational institutions in Germany to be at par with international standards when it comes to policies, learning, and other activities. Through the DAAD, other countries may also benefit in terms of assistance and support in the establishment of universities effectively.

With about 30 million euros as annual budget, 250 educational programs are accredited through DAAD. These programs are offered to about 50,000 scholars from Germany and other students of the world. The educational programs offered with scholarships vary from undergraduate programs to doctorate programmes. It also involves programmes that involve lectures and internships for different fields of studies. Offices are also setup at different partner countries for easier access to the organizations programs and policies.

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