What is Cyan?

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What is Cyan?
Cyan refers to the color or colors that belong to the blue-green spectrum. Most people consider cyan as just some form of blue color, but there are actually many different shades of cyan belonging to the blue and green color ranges. Sometimes, cyan is also referred to as aqua blue, cyan blue or blue green.

There are two basic types of the cyan color. One such type is called the electric or the web type of cyan. This refers to the color that people see on the web or electronically on computer screens. This type of cyan is said to be very bright and vivid, but the actual color value may depend on the computer’s display settings. Settings are made on the values for RGB or CMYK, which are standard color configurations for computer display and printing. RGB stands for the color values of “Red, Green, and Blue” while CMYK is for the color values of “Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key for Black”. The color value of electric cyan will also depend on the computer monitor’s display settings and properties. The other type of cyan is called ‘process’, “pigment” or “printer’s” cyan and this refers to the cyan’s color value in printed form. In this printed form, cyan is said to be less bright and vivid when compared with the electric type. To get the vividness of electric cyan, many suggest putting on more white ink to the pigment type of cyan. This will result to what we know as “aqua” blue.

Variations of the color cyan may also be done by means of darkening and/or lightening the hues. Different shades include light cyan, dark cyan, light sea green, and teal. Some other colors near the blue-green spectrum of cyan are closely associated with it. These colors include light blue and turquoise among many others.

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