What is CVT fluid?

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What is CVT fluid?

CVT fluid refers to fluid intended to lubricate vehicles that are equipped with Continuously Variable Transmissions. CVTs are classified as types of automatic transmissions for vehicles but work quite differently in the sense that CVTs use some kind of belt to create torque and provide gear ratios that are not fixed. In order for CVT engines or transmissions to work properly, a special fluid must be used and this is referred to as the CVT fluid.

When it comes to car engine and transmission fluids, car drivers must know which product to use for a particular purpose. In the case of CVT transmissions, its corresponding CVT fluid must be used for lubrication. Incorrect fluids may result to damaged engines and transmissions and so every driver must see to it that the right product is used. CVT fluids are essential in providing hydraulic power to the car. Without this power, the car’s transmission will be rendered useless and will not be able to perform its basic functions in terms of gear selection and engagement among others. CVT fluids also keep transmission gears at the right temperatures making them an important part of car maintenance.

CVTs are a great choice for people who want to have their cars become very fuel-efficient. Continuously variable transmissions are known to provide good fuel economy because of the automated selection of gears. The gears in CVTs are also said to be infinite and this simply means that transmission from one high gear to one low gear will be seamless. This smooth gear selection process makes CVTs able to maintain a consistent level of angular velocity regardless of the gear and output. Cars and other vehicles will then be able to run at its optimum level in terms or RPM or revolutions per minute. All this efficiency will then translate to improved fuel economy. Drivers just need to make sure that their car engines and transmission setup is well maintained and nourished by the appropriate CVT fluid.

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