What is CVF file?

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CVF files are miscellaneous files associated with the JetAudio VoiceMail program. This type of program basically allows people to send voice-mail using compression technology. With compression to voice data, files will be much smaller and therefore easier to send to other people like in the form of email attachments for example. When a person has JetAudio voicemail software installed in his/her computer, files with CVF extension may be encountered.

JetVoiceMail is a popular voice-mail program that allows for the creation and sending of recorded messages through email. Using compression technology, recorded messages are literally made smaller for easier sending via any email application. The nicest thing about JetVoiceMail is that this software is very easy to use. Once downloaded to a person’s computer, he/she just presses the RECORD button to capture his/her message. Once this part is done, the SEND button will take care of the actual sending of the recorded message or voice mail. This process works efficiently as long as all the files associated with the JetVoiceMail program are working properly including the miscellaneous CVF files. Whenever any of these files become corrupted, errors may pop up pointing to them or the actual sending of the voice mail may be interrupted or unsuccessful.

For any concerns regarding the CVF files or the JetVoiceMail program itself, one may need to verify the errors encountered before doing anything like deleting the CVF file or uninstalling the whole program. In some cases, CVF file-related errors may only be temporary and may not hinder the recording and sending of voice messages. If errors relating to the CVF files persist, it may also be best to consult with experts. There are also cases wherein CVF file-related errors may also be due to its associations with other email programs like Microsoft Outlook, Netscape, Exchange, or Internet Mail.

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