What Is Curriculum?

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What Is Curriculum?
From the point of view of education, curriculum would refer to the stakeholders that would make up a successful outcome for an educational endeavor. Say for instance in a college, the stakeholders would involve the people within the school. These are the administrators, teachers, students, staff, and directors. Yet, it is also composed of people outside the school. These are the parents, the community, the society in general, as well as the people who have contributions to the growth and development of the said institution.

This is the reason why there is such a thing as curriculum planning and development. In this stage, all these stakeholders will have their own share towards the success of the endeavor. Say for instance the core of the curriculum is bringing forth positive values amongst the students. This means that the teachers and administrators have to make lessons that could lead to this goal. School activities and even small classroom activities should also lead to such. The community also has to get involved in this. They have to make sure that even outside the school; these students will learn the right values that have to be learned. Now, for parents, they play a major role towards the success of this curriculum as they are the primary molders of the values of these kids.

This is how a curriculum works. It involves not only one, but everybody who should work for the benefit of those who are involved in it. Though the curriculum is mainly devoted towards the students, it does not necessarily mean that they are in the middle. After all, whatever it is that they have learned from the curriculum will still be brought out to the community where they belong. This is in short, a cycle. Everyone gets involved for the development of the current curriculum. This is towards the development of the curriculum in the future.

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