What is CTH in NBA Jam?

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NBA Jam is one of many very popular sports-based video games developed by game developer EA sports.  What started out as an arcade-based video game, NBA Jam has become so popular that it has special versions for a variety of platforms including the likes of Sega, Game Boy, Nintendo, and GameGear.  The latest versions are for Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s XBOX console.  The gameplay in NBA Jam also features player statistics similar to the real NBA games.  The player roster in the game includes figures for shooting percentages, rebounds, and assists among many others.  Along with these figures, there are also other items like CTH that are included when viewing a player’s profile.  In the case of CTH, it simply refers to “clutch” or the clutch rating of the player being viewed.  Clutch rating refers to the player’s performance in so-called clutch situations such as the final shot of a particular game or the shot taken after the game buzzer sounded.

Technically, CTH or clutch rating is measured on how efficient a particular NBA Jam player is during clutch times or situations.  If shots are consistently made when the buzzer has already gone off, the player’s CTH rating will be high.  Chosen players who always miss shots while trying to beat the buzzer for example are expected to have low CTH ratings.  When playing NBA Jam, gamers are free to choose the various pairings in the official game player roster.  Before choosing which players to select, gamers may opt to check various statistics of each player in order to get the best gaming performance and hopefully win the actual video game against somebody else.  For gamers who wish to have reliable players during clutch situations which occur when the game is close, they may choose players with high clutch or CTH ratings.

Player statistics in NBA Jam are based on the actual average performance of many famous NBA players.  It is only up to the gamers to choose their favorite pairing and match their corresponding statistics including CTH ratings in order to beat the other team.

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