What is CTFU in Texting?

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What is CTFU in Texting?

In the world of texting, chatting, and blogging, CTFU means “cracking the fuck up” or “crack the fuck up”. Instead of typing the whole meaning, users of this urban term will simply type CTFU. CTFU just means laughing so hard that one may already have difficulty in breathing. Like if somebody cracks a very funny joke, another person may give a CTFU comment for that.

In today’s very fast and high-tech society, new words and phrases are also coined almost every day especially when communicating online or via mobile phones and other mobile internet devices. These terms or words are generally classified as urban lingo or internet slang and are considered very cool by young people across the globe. When somebody doesn’t understand much about these urban terms, phrases, and acronyms like CTFU, then one may be considered outdated, irrelevant, or a little too old.

But in the texting and online world, there are really no hard rules when it comes to coining words, terms, and phrases. One day a word may mean one thing and then it may have a different meaning the next day. The thing with these newly coined internet slangs is that they also continuously evolve as more and more people use them. Like in the case of CTFU, as many people used it to mean some form of intense laughing, other people also invent other meanings for the term. For some people, CTFU is just a modification of “STFU” or “shut the fuck up”. In this context, CTFU is “chut the fuck up”. There are also others that want the opposite meaning and refer to CTFU as “cheer the fuck up”. These different meanings and interpretations add to the complexity of urban lingo in general and users will also learn more of these words as they spend more hours texting or chatting.

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