What is Crystalline?

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What is Crystalline?
Crystalline is a way to describe the appearance or properties of matter, where it resembles crystal whether in structure or transparency or both. Crystalline can also describe an object that is composed of crystals.
A crystal is a solid matter which is comprised of molecules, atoms or ions that take on an orderly, repeating pattern which extends in all spatial dimensions. Because of this, crystals are usually symmetrical in nature. Examples of crystals are quartz, snowflakes, salt, and diamond.

The term crystalline is typically used to describe non-crystal matter that take on the appearance of crystal. This could be used to describe a piece of glass that takes on crystal-like attributes, ice formations, or maybe even a multifaceted architectural structure. Crystalline can also describe an object that is formed or studded by crystals, for instance a crystalline rock or a crystalline cave.

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