What is CrossFit?

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What is CrossFit?
CrossFit is an exercise program that combines strength training and endurance workouts. It is designed as a general workout that anybody, regardless of background or experience, can participate in. If one’s goal is to have a total body workout, then CrossFit may just be the exercise program for him/her.

The CrossFit training program is said to be used in various special military units, police academies, and top martial arts clinics. It also prides itself as the exercise program of choice by many professional and elite athletes. But the exercise regimen can also be applied to persons with lower levels of fitness. Practically everyone has the same exercise regimen because only the load and intensity is modified. The program for Olympic-level athletes is the same for an ordinary person and the only difference is on the degree and not the type of exercises.

CrossFit is not a muscle-specialization type of exercise but is more of a general strength and endurance workout. Programs are constantly modified to maximize a person’s fitness potential and to avoid routines. Olympic-type lifting, throwing, and climbing activities are combined with flexibility training through gymnastics. Focus is on functional movements to compliment activities people do everyday. To improve both strength and endurance, weight-lifting exercises are mixed with total cardio-workouts. The best thing about this exercise program is that a person may start at his own pace and progress to more difficult activities as the level of fitness increases. A person doesn’t also have to worry on bulking up too much muscle, as the workouts do not involve muscle isolation training, but rather focuses on functional exercises for the entire body.

Various types of people from athletes to basic housewives have already enjoyed the benefits of the CrossFit exercise program. These benefits include weight loss, improved strength, greater flexibility, and total body fitness.

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