What is criminal justice?

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Criminal justice deals with controlling of crime and imposition of fines and penalties to people that violate the rules and laws that governments establish. The criminal justice system also includes the different departments and agencies of the government to ensure that perpetrators of crime pay for their non-compliance to the laws.

Criminal justice explained

In the United States, there are different criminal justice systems that depend on the laws being implemented by each jurisdiction.

There are different states that are involved in the criminal justice system in the US, and these include the federal system and the state system.

The federal system deals with crimes that are committed against a property, that is considered a federal property and if a crime was committed on more than just a single state.

On the other hand, the state criminal justice system deals with crimes that have taken place in one of the states.

There are components in a criminal justice system and in most cases there are at least five components in a criminal justice system. These include prosecution, enforcement, courts, corrections and law enforcement.

Law enforcement agencies take care of the investigation, gathering and protecting evidences. The officers have the power to arrest the offenders and act as witnesses during court hearings.

Prosecution includes lawyers who are the one representing either the federal government or the state in court proceedings. Law enforcement agencies bring the case to prosecutors, and they review them.

Defense lawyers are the ones who represent the accused person. These lawyers are either hired by the defendant or provided by the government.

The judges run the court, and their role is to ensure that the law is complied to.

Correction is the place where the sentenced offenders serve their time as punishment for their wrongdoings. These are run by correction officers.

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