What is crank?

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Crank is a slang term for a drug called crystal methamphetamine. Many people use the term crack for a type of crystal meth that is considered less pure. Crank can be found still in powder or crystallized form and may be ingested orally or through the nose. The oral route may either use crank in tablet form or the powder form dissolved in some liquid. When taken through the nose, the classic powder form of crank in used. There are also cases wherein this particular drug is taken intravenously or mixed with cigarettes. Either way, the use of crank gives a temporary high or euphoria which can last several hours or even overnight.

Crank or crystal meth is a banned drug or substance because of its effects on the brain and nervous system as a whole. Most users of crank or crystal meth report feelings of euphoria that can last for several hours. The nervous system is basically stimulated in a way that people will feel good about themselves and become confident and positive. This so-called emotional high is what makes people get dependent on this drug. People who use crank regularly also report of an increase in energy and stamina making them feel even more happy and confident about themselves. Most problems concerning this drug occur when the positive feeling subsides and in many cases, these feelings are replaced with anger or aggression. With these negative feelings, some people who are hooked on crank may become a physical risk to other people or even themselves.

With drug abuse involving crank or crystal meth, users often don’t think about the long-term effects of the drug to their bodies. Some brain cells are actually damaged over time from regular use of this addicting drug. Nerve endings are also damaged with constant use of crank and this results in abnormalities in the body’s secretion and release of important neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. These hormones have vital functions and any concern on them may lead to further imbalance to the body.

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