What is CQC?

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What is CQC?
CQC or the Care Quality Commission is the agency tasked to regulate social care services in the UK. These services included those provided by local authorities, private and voluntary organizations, and the NHS or National Health Service. CQC also provides protection to detainees under the Mental Health Act. The general aim is to ensure that better care is given to anyone in hospitals, healthcare facilities, and also in their own homes.

CQC’s vision is to provide health and social care with the highest quality so people can live with good health and independent lives. They also aim to respond to the people’s different needs and make them have educated choices about healthcare.

The Care Quality Commission is also involved with registering healthcare providers to ensure they adhere to the highest service standards. These providers will also be monitored regularly to maintain quality of their services. Research and reviews will be conducted especially with providers to encourage improvement on procedures, to protect people’s rights, and to exchange expertise.

CQC has identified five priorities which they believe will help them achieve their goals, and ultimately improve the overall health and social care system. First, CQC wants to ensure that providing care is centered on the individual needs of a person and that these persons will be able to practice their rights. Second, teamwork with other agencies that provide health care is considered crucial to improve services to the people. Third, quick action is encouraged to correct wrong procedures and adhere to basic standards of providing health care. Fourth, services must be of the highest quality. And fifth, CQC aims to work in partnership with other organizations in terms of regulation of healthcare services, to make sure that the people will be able to benefit from the system.

One very important part of CQC’s duty is to make contact with the people that avail of the health care services. The people’s views and experiences are deemed essential to achieving the overall goal of providing best and quality care to them.

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