What is CQ Researcher?

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What is CQ Researcher?
CQ Researcher is an online and printed source of various topics, issues, and controversies that affect the society in general. It involves a detailed report of facts and data based on research. Views included in the research topics are also said to be non-biased and non-partisan resulting to a “balanced” type of report or information. Topics cover a variety of areas from social issues, to the environment, health topics to educational-related concerns, and even modern updates on technology.

Founded in 1923, CQ Researcher was initially referred to as Editorial Research Reports and is published by Congressional Quarterly. Topics included in CQ Researcher are presented objectively to encourage readers to also make objective inputs into the research. Through the CQ Researcher, a particular topic is discussed in-depth and with much detail including the history and other relevant issues concerning it. CQ Researcher does not only give a descriptive type of data but rather provides an in-depth analysis of all aspects and angles of the particular topic.

CQ Researcher is released in printed form and online 44 times in a given year. A typical report contains 12,000 words and is prepared by competent and senior or experienced journalists. Additional comments or views are also included in the report and these views are usually from experts on a particular field, politicians, and people concerned with the topic. But before any topic is prepared, editors of the CQ Researcher are in-charge with identifying the topic for research. Then the writer will then start to create the report, which usually takes about five weeks. And since the topics included in the CQ Researcher are in-depth, objective, and detailed, many other researchers also use the topics involved as part of their own research and analysis. Many educational institutions also get valuable and detailed information on many socially-relevant issues through the CQ Researcher.

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