What is CPU Throttling?

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CPU Throttling ‘“ Learning the What’s and How’s Details
CPU throttling is also termed as dynamic frequency scaling. This is a technique in the computer architecture industry where the frequency produced by the microprocessor is automatically adjusted. The main objective for this operation is to conserve the power of your computer. It is also intended for the reduction of generated heat by the computer chip.

Where do you usually use CPU throttling? Dynamic frequency scaling is a common system used in mobile devices and laptop computers. These are the devices which energy is produced from battery therefore making the energy source limited. Other use for this technique is on quiet computing settings or the reduction of energy as well as cooling costs. The lesser the heat output means the system cooling fans are turned off or throttled down. It eventually results to the reduction of noise levels and in the end, the decrease of power consumption. Over-clocked systems, which are poorly cooled, are likewise helped with the CPU throttling technique with the decrease of heat in most insufficiently cooled systems.

In terms of performance impact, CPU throttling is used to cut CPU resources produced by hosting providers. This is done so that everyone utilizing the server could have equal access to the resources of the CPU. With the reduction of CPU performance, the power is likewise conserved.

CPU throttling is the mechanism that helps the server performs regardless of the high CPU request. Therefore, the account is prevented to be temporarily suspended by the shared hosting provider. Rather time latency is induced, slowing down the site load for a specific time when the computer is throttled.

There are various systems, which implements CPU throttling today. Intel has their technology for this mechanism called SpeedStep, which is used for mobile CPU line. AMD is likewise employing the system with two technologies used for computer throttling. They call it the Cool ‘n’ Quiet technology commonly used on server processor lines and desktops. The main objective of this CPU throttling process is basically not to save the life of the computer battery. The reason is that it is not utilized in the mobile processor line of AMD. Instead, it is to produce lesser heat allowing the system fan to slow down its speed and spin down. Eventually, the result is cooler and much quieter operation from which the technology derived its name.

For computer users who are dealing with the performance impact of CPU throttling, there are advanced steps you could perform to limit this operation. You could basically download your websites to your local machine. Make sure to make a local web development environment. This is created to test your website with the purpose of minimizing the throttling issue. System backup restoration from your hosting provider is also one way restoring your sites while fixing the core problem.

CPU throttling is a process that efficiently saves energy and power of your computer however, you could also experience the slowing down of your website. Knowing the basics of this mechanism helps you learn power conservation while ensuring high performance of your site.

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