What is CPU frequency?

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What is CPU frequency?

‘CPU frequency’ refers to the computer’s clock rate which basically indicates its processing efficiency.  Computer CPU’s labeled with higher frequencies or clock rates, for example, are also expected to provide better performance when compared to those with lower CPU frequencies.  In simpler terms, the CPU’s frequency relates to its efficiency in terms of processing commands and/or programs.  Like in the case of running various computer applications simultaneously, the CPU’s clock rate will then be tested in terms of how many commands it will be able to follow or how many programs will be able to run successfully.  With a high CPU frequency, one can expect better performance in terms of running multiple programs.  Comparing two laptops, for example, with one having a 2 GHZ frequency and one with only 1.33 GHZ frequency, users can definitely expect the laptop with a higher frequency to outperform the other.  Simple testing could be done to prove this point, and various programs may be run at the same time.  At some point during the testing, some programs may crash on the computer with the lower frequency.

Since CPU frequency is synonymous with computer processing efficiency, units that have higher frequencies may also command higher retail prices.  This fact can easily be observed when a person shops around for a computer at various retailers.  Computer units with higher frequencies are typically stamped on high-end varieties of various brands.  Lower frequencies, meanwhile, are common among mid-segment and low-end varieties.  This example also explains the fact that computer performance is much more improved at higher CPU clock times or frequencies.

In terms of manufacturing, the CPU frequency is determined post-production.  All computer units will basically be tested and get their corresponding labels of CPU frequency.  These labels are also dependent on the type of computer chip used because the chip itself is what gives the computer its processing power.

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