What is CPT Assistant?

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CPT stands for Current Procedural Terminology and it represents an official list of numbers and codes for all the services or procedures done by medical professionals like surgeries and other diagnostic or medical-related procedures. These codes are put in place, maintained, and copyrighted by the American Medical Association in order to standardize medical procedures in terms of coding for insurance reimbursements from health care providers and organizations. These CPT codes are then published on the AMA’s official newsletter called the CPT Assistant. Through this publication, people in the medical industry and even the patients themselves will have the latest information regarding the codes and their corresponding equivalent for insurance or healthcare providers.

Most people across the US have different health care providers or insurance companies for their medical and health care needs. Not many people understand though the complexities of insurance charging and reimbursements for medical professionals. Many people get confused about health care coverage or medical benefits. The healthcare insurance industry also needed a system to easily identify medical procedures and services provided by different doctors and equate them with the appropriate billing or charge. Through the CPT Assistant, all people concerned may be able to understand fully or deeper regarding the CPT codes which are the most important details when it comes to health care insurance availments.

As for patients and family members, the CPT Assistant will become handy in terms of understanding the insurance coverage from healthcare providers. The newsletter also provides details on various medical conditions with corresponding illustrations and graphics for easy understanding. For medical practitioners, they will be updated with the latest codes in the medical coding industry and get the appropriate billing and reimbursement details for their services. Getting up to date with the CPT Assistant also minimizes the confusion involved in medical billing for health care insurance purposes.

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