What is CPSC?

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What is CPSC?

In 1972 United States Government formed an independent commission to protect against unreasonable risks of injuries or death associated with consumer products. This commission is called CPSC (United States Consumer Product Safety Commission). It was created through the Consumer Product Safety Act. The CPSC is an autonomous entity. It does not depend on the federal government. President of the United States nominate the three commissioners of the CPSC. They have a term of 7 years. They also hold the sole responsibility to set the policy of the CPSC. Head Quarters of CPSC is located in Bethesda, which is in Maryland State. At present CPSC is headed by five commissioners. About 15000 products are under the agency’s jurisdiction. The products include toys, fire tools, cribs, lighters for cigarettes and thousands of chemicals which are used in the household. Automobiles, drugs, tobacco and explosives are not regulated by the CPSC.

CPSC has imposed ban on a number of products which posed a threat to human life. CPSC studies the hazards of the product which is considered to be dangerous. They also have a research team for this purpose. National Electronic Injury Surveillance System is a wing of CPSC.NEISS has 100 hospitals under them. They provide emergency room service for 24 hours. CPSC can also be contacted through electronic mail. CPSC has played a major role in protecting children from fire and mechanical hazards. CPSC has a National Injury Information Clearing house under it. CPSC keeps confidentially the information which it collects from the employees and the public. CPSC can be contacted any time .Consumer Product Safety Review is an injury data publication of the CPSC. The commission has succeeded in bringing a decrease of about 30percent in the death rate associated with consumer products. CPSC also has a reading room which is meant for reference by the public.

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