What is Cozaar used for?

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Cozaar is a brand of prescription drug that contains the active ingredient losartan potassium. It is primarily used and prescribed for patients with hypertension. The main action of Cozaar is to lower one’s blood pressure and this is done through vasoconstriction. With this main effect, blood pressure is significantly lowered and ultimately helping patients achieve better cardiovascular health. Another action of Cozaar is the stimulation of the aldosterone hormone which is associated with various cardiovascular conditions.

Aside from hypertension, Cozaar is also commonly used by doctors to help patients with diabetes. For these patients, damage to the kidneys in the advanced stages of the disease may be prevented by Cozaar treatment. Patients with cardiomegaly or enlarged hearts may also used Cozaar to help neutralize the high blood pressure associated with this disease. With Cozaar’s main action of lowering blood pressure, other diseases or medical conditions may also be prevented. These conditions include strokes, heart attacks, and kidney damage among many others.

Cozaar is a prescription-only drug and treatment with this drug may only be commenced at the recommendation of a licensed physician. The drug is available in white tablet form and losartan potassium formulations come in 25, 50, and 100 mg preparations. Cozaar is also considered a very potent drug and is contraindicated for babies and pregnant women. For women who wish to get pregnant, consultation with their doctors must be done before any Cozaar treatment is done. Cozaar is also known to cause some serious side effects because of its main action in lowering blood pressure. While patients are adjusting to the effects of this drug on the body, some may experience light-headedness. Patients with intolerance to Cozaar’s potassium content may experience irregularities in their heartbeat with some reporting weakness in their muscles. Some people may also experience some itching and rashes on their skin during the course of Cozaar treatment. There are also patients who have reported breathing problems while under Cozaar treatment.

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