What is Cout?

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What is Cout?

Cout is basically an object referring to class ostream which is the representation of normal output stream. This object is essentially used to correspond to the ‘cstdio stream stdout’. This term is also used in ‘Hello World’ Program which is expressed in the following:
#include <iostream>

Using namespace std;
Int main ()

cout << ‘Hello, world!\n’;

return 0;

The cout type of object is basically an ostream type that overloads particularly the bit-shift of the left operator. The function is used to execute a procedure which is completely not in relation to the bitwise operations. Cout is a system that also works with other important items in the system and these are the clog and cerr objects. These are also objects which are types of ostreams. Therefore, they burden the structure or operator just the same.
On the other hand, the cin object is a type of istream which operates or overloads the bit-shift operator at the right. This basically completes the system, the orders of both right and left bit-shift system. It results to the flow of data towards the output stream or resulting to the data which flows away from its input stream.
Since cout is basically an object of the ostream class, you could write characters to it when necessary. It could be either in a form of formatted data that uses systems such as the insertion operation or (ostream::operator<<) which is also referred to as the unformatted figures. The unformatted information version primarily utilizes the write member function as well as other systems.
However, in other cases, there are environments which do not adhere to shared implementation used in the C++ standard library where cout is included. In cases when there is a partial implementation of the C++ standard library, its iostream or cout could leave out certain features which are no longer needed such as locale support.

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