What is Counseling?

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What is Counseling?
Counseling is an act of giving advice or guidance to somebody who may need help in various aspects of life. Usually the person who gives the advice is the one more knowledgeable on a subject or he/she may be older and more experienced. Those that are being counseled to are those that need some help from other people when it comes to decision-making and other concerns in life.

Each person is exposed to the concept of counseling usually at home by parents and other older siblings or relatives. It is a fact of life that young people may need guidance in making small decisions along the way of life. And guidance usually starts at home with lessons and advices given by parents on varied situations. Basic advice on being nice to other people is a form of counseling that may be given by parents to their young children.

As children grow older, their lives literally get a little more complicated. In the case of children who are in school, many have already experienced having to talk to teachers and guidance counselors when there are concerns. These teachers and counselors serve as second parents to the school children and give practical advice when necessary. To help children have good manners and achieve their potential as students, the teachers and guidance counselors are tasked to give advice to students in areas where they may have difficulty understanding.

But aside from the traditional concept of counseling from people in authority like parents and teachers, counseling may also be done among friends and colleagues. For some people, they may feel uncomfortable with authority figures when it comes to discussing personal problems and concerns. For these people, counseling may be sought from peers and colleagues. For them, this is more effective than having to talk with bosses, teachers, or even parents.

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