What is Corn?

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Corn is a type of cereal grass found in North American countries. It is also known as maize or kernels. For over 10, 000 years corn has been an essential part of human cultivation, contributing to the overall industrial and commercial production. Corns are basically planted in large farms. However, as soon as they are processed, they can turn into different products including food, body essentials, and many more. A common example is the sweet corn, which is made by adding sugar in the kernels.

Corns grow in tropical areas with their stalks growing from three to twenty meters. They also have different colors such as white, yellow, blue, purple, and red corn. Experts categorize corn as part of the Poaceae family of plants, which can be eaten as a vegetable and as a grain at the same time. Weird classifications by botanists render corn as a certain type of fruit, along with cucumbers and tomatoes.

Although corn is a very popular agricultural product in North America, it is also very sensitive. A corn can basically develop problems when not properly taken cared of such as emergence of worms, mosaic virus infestation, development of aphids, and fungi growth. Corns can also develop lodging when over-fertilized.

Some corn crops are genetically modified. In the process, corns have their DNA manipulated in order to boost their growth and protection against certain phenomena. For instance, a genetically modified corn can be highly resistant to pests. Some corns are engineered to have the best traits, as part of the industrial upgrade. Because of its beneficial factor, corn has been loved and preferred by many people. First of all, it contains high anti-oxidant to keep people looking young. This is also the reason why corn is one of the most common ingredients used in cosmetics.

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