What is COPD?

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What is COPD?
COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease refers to a person having difficulty breathing due to the constriction of the air passages to the lungs. This prevents the air from flowing in the lungs efficiently. Some elements set off atypical inflammatory lung response. This is the reason why COPD is being developed. Some harmful elements may come from smoking tobacco or from the pollution. The harmful elements are usually acquired to the places a person frequents. Such places may be typically the workplace. Nature of work is also a factor in exposing a person to airborne particles or harmful gases.

The common result is that such harmful and airborne elements trigger a single or several unusual responses. An example of an abnormal response is the development of sputum or mucus. These are expelled by the body by coughing. This signifies that the abnormal reaction is centered in the region of larger lung airways. Such condition may result to a disease called bronchitis, which will later on develop into COPD.

When the lung tissue becomes infected, COPD follows, which will later on result to the deterioration of the lung tissues. When this happens, the alveoli will be inflamed and emphysema will start to develop. A continuous exposure to the element triggering the abnormal response will sooner lead to COPD.

COPD is diagnosed through a series of tests performed by the doctor. Typically, diagnosis transpires when emphysema or bronchitis symptoms suddenly worsens. The efficiency and capacity of the lungs is part of the series of tests performed by your doctor. It is only through a thorough series of tests, when a doctor can decide on what type of treatment is needed. The treatment regimen will be geared towards the slowdown of the COPD development. At the same time, the doctor may also provide some medication that helps the patient feel some relief. Unfortunately, there is no exact cure for COPD. Instead, doctors will only administer treatment to provide a bit of comfort and help the patient to take pleasure in a higher life quality.

Since COPD is caused by particular harmful triggers, doctors must determine such trigger. Potential triggers will be suppressed or eliminated to slowdown the development of the disease. One good example of eliminating such harmful triggers is to avoid smoking tobacco or keep away from inhaling second hand smoke. On the other hand, if the work place is where an individual acquires such harmful triggers, it may be very wise to have an altered line of work. This is especially important if an individual works in a mine or any other trade that makes an individual exposed to several harmful airborne particles.

On some practices, an individual may be suggested to maintain the right amount of weight. A healthy weight helps a person to keep away too much stress on the lungs. By having the right amount of body weight helps prevent sudden attacks. Moreover, numerous medications may be prescribed by a doctor to help improve the condition of a patient. Following the recommendation of the doctor plays an important part in the improvement of the condition of the patient.

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  1. Juanita

    April 4, 2011 10:56 pm

    My nephew has always been prone to wheezing and takes medication regularly to keep it under control. About a year ago he took up a job at a fiber glass factory. Over a period of time, his wheezing and other symptoms got worse but he just continued with his regular medications hoping the symptoms would sort themselves out in due course of time. He did not really work on the production floor so he didn’t think it was anything at the factory that was exaggerating his condition. However, a couple of months ago, my sister forced him to go see his doctor who said he had COPD and suggested that it would be best for him to leave the job as that was the definite trigger. Sometimes we just presume things instead of checking with the doctor and unfortunately, the longer the delay, the worse the prognosis. Seeing a good doctor at the earliest is instrumental in being able to manage any condition effectively. COPD


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