What is computer science?

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Computer science is a field of study that involves that covers everything that happens behind computers and mathematical computations. Being a science, computer science involves precise and accurate studies regarding the procedures, expressions, and algorithms used in computations or data processing. Access to electronic information for example actually takes computer science to run in the background for people to get what they want and what they need. For the user, getting this information is as simple as typing a few words and hitting a Search button for example. In order to get this information, there are various codes and programs that actually run in the background for this specific task. This specific task is created through coding and programming based on computer science.

The field of computer science is often likened to a computerized way of problem solving. A simple calculator for example will give instant answers to various arithmetic problems. Behind the simple answer involves a study of how numbers and computations work which is part of computer science. In the same way, withdrawing money through an ATM also involves a computer program for people to get the right amount of money based on his/her actual bank account. The process of ATM withdrawals wouldn’t work if not for a computation program that is configured for this specific task. Many of people’s daily tasks are all computer-based. Making reports on a desktop computer or sending emails using a mobile phone all involved using programs and applications that were created through computer science.

As a field of study, computer science is considered a broad field with various specialties and sub-fields. Mathematics and computational science are the basis for programs involving computation problems. Computer games also make use of graphics and logic specialties of computer science to give users entertainment and a great visual experience. Software engineering and artificial intelligence are also specialties under the broad area of computer science and these can be applied in the creation of complicated programs and robotics for example.

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