What is Common Core?

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Common Core is short for The Common Core State Standards Initiative which is an effort by US educational sector that ensures some kind of standardization of learning for K-12 students across each state.  This initiative basically aims to attain standardization in the various subjects that are taught from kindergarten up to the 12 years of primary and secondary education.  Standardization through the Common Core initiative aims to equip students with the most relevant and needed skills for them to go into college or find jobs.

Basic subjects such as English, Math, Language, and the Arts are part of the Common Core initiative and all people involved like the teachers, students, and even their families are part of the standardization program.  Common Core is for voluntary adaptation by each state but is highly encouraged by those who developed the standardization program including the NGA or National Governors Association and the CCSSO or the Council of Chief of State School Officers.  For the teachers and school administrators, the Common Core initiative specifies the knowledge and skills that need to be taught to their students including common goals or expectations of the standardization program.  The method of teaching is not part of the Common Core initiative though as it will be customized to the actual needs of students.

For the students under the Common Core standardization program, they are expected to be well-equipped in terms of learning and skills that prepare them for possible college degrees or immediate job placement. The lessons they learn from school are considered to be based on actual evidence and real-life situations with their subjects appropriate aligned to what is needed and expected of them when they graduate from high school.  The best thing about the Common Core initiative is that its standardization is comparable or based on other international standards.  This simply means that high school graduates in the US under the Common Core program will be at least at par with their constituents in other countries.

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