What is Cointreau?

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What is Cointreau?
Cointreau is an orange-based liqueur containing 40% alcohol made a man named Edouard Cointreau in 1875. Its orange base comes from various peels of different varieties, including sweet and bitter orange types. Then it is added with water, sugar, and alcohol to complete the liqueur mix.

Edouard Jean Cointreau, the father of Edouard Cointreau actually started making spirits and wine in 1849. But it was not until 1875 when the famous orange liqueur was discovered. By the early 1900s, Cointreau became very popular and even selling close to a million bottles annually. By the 1920s, the Cointreau brand eventually reached the American shores, making its mark as a global brand.

The exact method of making Cointreaus is a well-guarded trade secret. What is being divulged by the company is that the liqueur uses different varieties of oranges from Brazil, Spain, and Haiti, with the peelings as the main ingredient. This type of liqueur contains 40% alcohol but requires no aging process. It can also be stored for years or may be consumed directly from the bottle. But experts advise to store Cointreau bottles in a dry and cool place so as not to cause thickening of the fruit oils.

But aside from consumption as a liqueur or drink, Cointreau may also be mixed with other drinks like cocktails. It is also not uncommon for Cointreau to be part of various recipes in making cakes and pastries. Because of its orange base, it may also be added into ice cream recipes and may be used as a dessert topping or flavoring.

Mixing Cointreau with other drinks is not good for some people though. For these people, this will put to waste the fine orange flavor of this liqueur. It is said to be best paired with bitter sweet and chocolate-based desserts. Today, Cointreau is well loved in many countries around the world.

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