What is “Cnopbl”?

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What is ‘Cnopbl’?

Fans of the metal music group Metallica have questioned what ‘Cnopbl’ means when seeing part of the music video wherein a spore is named as ‘Cnopbl.’  There are people who simply point out that the name given to the spore in the video is the only meaning of ‘Cnopbl.’  A spore refers to a living organism that is able to mimic other cells or living beings and is able to reproduce and become something else without having to go through the process of sexual reproduction.  For some people, ‘Cnopbl’ basically represents the name of the spore in the music video and relates it to some creature that is capable of rising from the dead or becoming something else by itself.

Other people also relate the term ‘Cnopbl’ to anything Russian.  Many theories have evolved that ‘Cnopbl’ may have something to do with the America versus Russia concept, and that the depiction of Cnopbl as something that rises from the dead is related to Russia which could rise up from defeat with the U.S. in the previous world war and could serve as some kind of warning to American citizens.  With Metallica brought into this picture, some have also speculated that the spore’s name is not just an ordinary name but  rather a name with a hidden message from the band.  Metallica, as a band, has been known to write and play so-called anti-war songs, and the symbolism of the spore’s name in one of their music videos makes the case that some people who think that ‘Cnopbl’ may be a representation of Russia which could literally rise up again and become a mightier nation over the U.S. at a future time.  The band is also branded as underground with very dark lyrics with some labeling them as anti-Christ, and this theory is also connected with the term of Cnopbl where everything that is dead could all be brought to life again for another purpose like revenge.

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