What is CNG?

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What is CNG?
CNG stands for Compressed Natural Gas. It is considered and used as a cleaner alternative to diesel and gasoline fuels for use in vehicles. Its main component is methane and is produced through compression under high pressures.

CNG has no color, odor, or taste. It can be sourced from gas wells or as part of producing crude oil. When compared with gasoline, CNG has 90% fewer emissions and costs 50% less. So many vehicles have already taken advantage of CNG for its affordability and its reputation as a clean source of energy.

When used on vehicles, CNG is stored in sealed tanks that should pass certain safety standards. Proper sealing is important to prevent evaporation of gas into the atmosphere. But CNG is not a corrosive material or substance and is non-toxic, so one does not have to worry about possible water contamination. It is also said to be very engine-friendly allowing for lower maintenance costs. Most vehicles that use CNG as fuel are those that are into mass transit services and those involving large fleets of cars. In some countries, the use of CNG as fuel source for cars is greatly encouraged and even mandated to help decrease pollution and to counter the rising cost of gasoline and diesel fuels. But not all is good though for CNG in its use for vehicles. Many people do not like the tanks being so bulky and heavy. And since the tanks for CNG storage are quite big and heavy, vehicles with this fuel setup are a little more expensive. Overall though, if one takes into account the savings you get from fuel consumption, using CNG is still a great alternative.

Aside from vehicles, CNG is also used as energy for heaters and cooking stoves. It is also considered safer than LPG, because the latter is said to be lighter than air and mixes itself in the atmosphere when there is a leak.

With its various advantages and little disadvantages, many have pushed for laws to require people and industries to use alternative sources of fuel and energy, such as CNG. Over the years, CNG has proven itself as a safe and clean fuel source.

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