What is CMX cable?

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CMX cables are cables that are intended for communication purposes. The CM label is intended for communication applications while the X label refers to the required enclosure of these cables by something fire-proof like a conduit. Many residential cabling installations use CMX cables that include wirings for data, voice, and video applications. Security systems in houses and small buildings may also use CMX cables.

Manufacturers of CMX cables typically provide various features to make them applicable not only for interior applications but also for exterior use. Some types of CMX cables are specially-designed for outdoor use. Many of these cables have a PVC jacket or covering that can basically withstand different kinds of weather conditions. Through these protective coverings, the communication cables will be able to last longer which will make them more cost-efficient in the long term. The same PVC protection also ensures that low temperature is maintained in the entire CMX cabling system to prevent the possibility of fire.

CMX cables are also preferred because they eliminate the use of multiple types of cable for communication systems and applications. Instead of having separate cables for telephone systems and security systems for example, the same CMX cables may be used for multiple purposes. These cables may handle data and video systems that are needed for security applications along with voice that is essential for telephone-related applications. When looking for cables for communication purposes, people need to carefully look at the labels and check if they have the CMX tag. Other cables are also available for the same purposes that are needed in homes and small buildings. One just has to make sure that the right cables are used for the actual plan and intention. Some cables are specifically made for bigger buildings while others are labelled as multi-purpose or multi-use. Depending on what is preferred, expert advise is necessary when doing cable installations using CMX and other types of cables for practical and safety reasons.

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