What is CMV positive?

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What is CMV positive?

When a person is said to be CMV positive, it simply means that this particular person is infected with the CMV or cytomegalovirus. This virus is part of the herpes family of viruses and typically infects many people without presenting any symptoms.  It is a different story though when CMV infection involves those with weak immune systems and women who are pregnant.  For these groups of people, being CMV positive may mean a very serious medical condition.

The CMV virus can be transmitted through body fluids including saliva, urine, blood, and semen.  Even the tears and breast milk may also be the means of CMV transmission or spread. With bodily fluids as the main route for infection, many people will get infected at some point in their lives.  Most of these people will also be CMV positive but will be unaware of it because there are no signs or symptoms.  In the case of pregnant women, the cytomegalovirus that resides in the mother may pass it on to her unborn child.  Newborns meanwhile may also get infected from the breast milk of their own mothers.  It is said that unborn babies and newborns are highly susceptible to CMV infection and may have serious medical complications.  It is common for unborn babies to have physical or developmental abnormalities when exposed to CMV.  Newborns meanwhile will also have a higher chance of getting sickness that may be serious or severe.  Aside from pregnancy concerns, CMV infection may also lead to a serious illness for people who are already sick and weak like those who have AIDS and other serious conditions.

People who are generally healthy will show no signs of CMV infection.  Those who get sick meanwhile may either have some fever or soreness in their throats.  Others will also have swelling in various glands while more serious infection may lead to inflammatory changes in the liver.  Whatever the symptoms are, it is always best to get diagnosed with CMV infection in order to get the appropriate treatment.

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