What is CMV IgG?

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CMV IgG is a type of blood test to test the presence of IgG antibodies which are active in the event of a CMV or cytomegalovirus infection.  IgG antibodies are protein substances that are produced by the body to fight the infection caused by the cytomegalovirus.  When the blood test reveals the presence of CMV IgG proteins, it could be an indicator that the person tested has an infection.  CMV IgG is a helpful diagnostic test especially during the primary and acute phase of CMV infection.  Patients who may have infectious mononucleosis and women who are pregnant are typically advised to undergo the CMV IgG blood test in order to determine if they were exposed to the cytomegalovirus in the recent past.

Cytomegalovirus is a type of virus that belongs to the herpes virus family.  Most people may have been infected with this virus but do not present any symptoms.  This is typically true for people who are young and generally healthy.  The same case may not be true for people with existing ailments and health problems.  People with weakened immune systems like those with AIDS for example may become susceptible to CMV infection and could experience severe symptoms and severe illness.  Pregnant women are also at risk of developing symptoms related to CMV because the infection could also spread to the unborn child and this may lead to a serious health condition.

NO fasting is required when taking the CMV IgG blood test. The blood sample of the patient involved will be studied in the laboratory for the presence of IgG antibodies or proteins.  A positive result could mean that the person being tested has had a past or recent infection with the cytomegalovirus.  Negative results meanwhile could mean that there is no past exposure to CMV but the person tested will have a chance of getting the primary type of infection.  There are also times the CMV IgG blood test will reveal an equivocal result and this means that further tests may be necessary to determine if there is an actual exposure or infection to CMV.

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